[ubuntu-za] Very old computers

Lee Sharp leesharp at hal-pc.org
Sat Apr 18 15:04:50 BST 2009

Bill Cairns wrote:
> Our computer club (here in Kokanje - far in the bushveld) has been
> given, over time, a lot of very old computers. We have eight which may
> still work, but which are so old that it is difficult to know what to
> do with them. They are all "pre-pentium", most do not have CD drives
> of any sort while some (two I think)  have ancient CD readers.  Don't
> ask about USB ports. None of the disk drives seem to work, but we do
> have some spare disks that might be compatible.

CPU is a problem, but the real one is memory.  But the leanest things to 
try are puppy and arch. http://www.archlinux.org/  And as others have 
said, forget FireFox.  You may be able to get another web browser running...


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