[ubuntu-za] 8.10 freezing on splash screen and non gui mode

Vijay Makanjee vijay at ergo.co.za
Wed Apr 15 16:43:56 BST 2009

Simon Cross wrote, On 15/04/2009 17:17:
> On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 5:09 PM, Vijay Makanjee <vijay at ergo.co.za> wrote:
>> This has made no difference. When booting without the splash the system
>> stops at various points and only moves on when pressing one of the keys.
> The next step would be to examine what points these are (and perhaps
> let the list know too).
> [You don't maybe have a filesystem that is waiting to be fscked?]
I guess I will have to look at the logs. Damn... time and knowledge is
what I don't have. Will be travelling for the next 3 days and only have
a chance to check it out after that.

not sure if my filesystem needs to be fscked. But I always thought that
happened on bootup time anyway after a certain number of boots.

Also have tried the ctrl alt f1 thing which was a good useful trick to
get to the terminal but with the same results of needing to press
various keys to get things moving.

It is just strange that it happened in the last day or two. And I did
not fiddle with the system save for doing the usual ubuntu updates.

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