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Hi Guys
Its Dennis again, the following documentation helped me a lot
Thanks again, u rock 

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see this post from october

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I am assuming that the modem itself is really the problem.

Connecting my phone to linux to use as a modem was the most painless
experience I've had on ubuntu.  (Well... I anticipated it to be really
hard and unsupported)

After my phone was ready for internet (*on the phone*) - which was
before I tried using it as a modem - I literally just plugged it in, and
- - on the phone - selected that I want to use "Phone Mode" (the
default).  And off I went. Literally plug-n-play.

Windows was much more of a PITA.  In fact... I think I'm still to get it
running on windows.

- -Reenen

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*(Original article taken from my personal blog:

Up until now, I have been using the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card Driver
for Linux <https://forge.betavine.net/projects/vodafonemobilec/> to
connect my Ubuntu laptop to the Vodacom 3G network. This worked fine for
me till this point, because I have been using the Gnome Desktop
Environment <http://www.gnome.org/>. But now that I have decided to take
a look at KDE 4 <http://www.kde.org/>, I came across something that
really bothered me. The Vodafone Mobile Connect Driver is
very dependent on Gnome. Not GTK+. Gnome! To be honest, I really
wouldn't of minded if it was built using GTK+ and needs it. That is what
I thought the case was. But then when I tried to install it, it wanted
to pull in half the Gnome libraries. So I thought I would give it a try
and install the Gnome libraries. This still didn't get the driver to
work in KDE.

This is what got me searching for another method, and this is another
way I have found, and with a standard (K)Ubuntu installation, requires
no other packages:

   1. From the terminal, run sudo pppconfig and Create a new connection,
      with a name such as 3G.
   2. Enter the user name (SIM number) and password (PIN number).
   3. The connection method is PAP, and select dial type tone.
   4. The number to dial is *99***1# and enter a speed of 460800.
   5. (K)Ubuntu 7.04 and up automatically registers the card on insertion

          tail /var/log/messages

      to determine the TTY port, ordinarily /dev/ttyUSB0 and enter this
      as the COM port.
   6. Save the entries.

To connect, enter /pon 3G/. To disconnect, enter /poff/.

*(Original article taken from my personal blog:

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registration number of the company.

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