[ubuntu-za] Migrating from Vista To Ubuntu

Bruno Marques bruno at tropical.co.mz
Tue Apr 7 23:36:46 BST 2009

hello all

finally made the migration on my laptop to ubuntu only.
have firefox up and running with my bookmarks and stuff

just finished installing thunderbird.
now, someone said something about where to replace the folders from the 
thunderbird in windows to a folder in ubuntu. i Cant quite remember now 
who did, since all emails are backed up in a unreadable file.

can someone please point me out on where to put the profile folder from 
thunderbird, in order to have all my older emails?

one other thing regarding songbird, the music player.
i downloaded the thing from their website, and its a tar.gz file, i've 
unpacked it and got a folder of songbird.
my question is, what do i do with it, in order to install songbird?
i've attached a picture of the folder contents if it might help

many thanks in advance


Bruno Marques
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