[ubuntu-za] How do you Kick Start this Thing?

Craig Harvey topexec88 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 13:05:20 BST 2009


O.K I know this is a really really basic question but Im a complete Newbie!

I cant seem to install Ubuntu on my computer. It says it cant create a swap
space and spits me out.

Can someone explain how to setup the partition on a hard drive when
installing it on a hard drive.

You get ext 3, ext 2, file system and journaling file system and then there
is logical.

How do you set it up. If I want to setup say 10 Gig for the boot area and
then 20 Gig for storing your data files and about 10 gigs for a swap file.

Is the first part ext3 jouranling file system logical with mount point / -
'root' or should it be /boot?

Also if I have a secondary hard drive that has data on it - from a previous
windows installed machine - can I get Ubuntu to see the files on that second
Hard drive?

Thx for any help

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