[ubuntu-za] Nautilus for Kodak EasyShare Z740

Reenen Laurie REENENL at pepstores.com
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Your camera *should* be on the list when you go to "Places" -> "File
System".  F-Spot can't find them without it being mounted. 

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Whenever I plug my camera in to a USB port, I am asked "Do I want to
import pictures?"

If I reply yes, F-Spot proceeds to read the pictures on my camera. If
no, nothing happens and the camera is not mounted anywhere. I can use
Picasa at this stage to get the pictures but Picasa is very slow and I
don't want to use it. 

I do use F-Spot to manage my pictures, but would prefer to use Nautilus
to load the pictures from my camera (which is what I do under Windows -
well I use Explorer but you know what I mean). 

Is there any way to bypass F-Spot and go to Nautilus here?

(Clearing the 'Import digital photographs when connected check box in
System>Removable Drives and Media does not work - the system just
ignores my camera when I turn it on).

Is this a Kodak problem? 

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