[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu-ZA Web presence meeting last night

Craig A. Adams craigaa at karg.co.za
Fri Feb 15 06:08:01 GMT 2008

Hi All,

See inline for comments.

On Wed, 2008-02-13 at 11:10 +0200, Morgan Collett wrote:
> Thanks for making this happen, Jonathan!


> > 1. Mediawiki vs Moin
> Can we keep the same URLs as the current site? Alternatively, can we
> map from one URL scheme to another in such a way that we can use
> redirection?

Is there a major reason we need to maintain the url scheme? I personally
don't expect there to be much in the way of deep linking into the
current wiki.

> Next step would be to look at migrating the data. I'll get a dump of
> the current moin data to Jonathan.

I have done quite a bit of playing around with the wiki, all of which
can be discarded. I can assist with an clean up here.

> > We will use a planet-based[4] aggregator for our community feed. The
> Please note that posts aggregated will be subject to the Ubuntu Code
> of Conduct, whereas members' posts aggregated on other planets are not
> necessarily subject to the same requirement. I recommend that members
> provide a specific feed for this planet if they feel the need to be
> disrespectful on occasion...

The Code of Conduct [1] is a general requirement for any "official"
ubuntu content. As Ubuntu-ZA is an official LoCo, all our content must
conform to the CoC, even if content providers have not officially signed
the CoC.


I have made a few queries wrt hosting at a number of ISP's but have not
had any real success here. Approaching Obsidian might be an option as
the have recently announced that they will offer the Ubuntu Certified
Professional training programme [2] and now have a direct interest in
the success of Ubuntu.

Failing this, we can ask Jonathan to host as offered or have a quick
whip around to fund hosting at somewhere.

Ideas? Comments?

Kindest Regards

Craig A. Adams

[1] http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct
[2] http://www.tectonic.co.za/?p=2138

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