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Okay I'll first try Kubuntu, no wars intended. Well with my experience I do
need my router as he has security :-)   


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André Truter wrote:

> With accessibility in mind what will you recommend Ubuntu or Kubuntu?

Now you're just trying to start a war :)

I prefer Ubuntu/Gnome. Others disagree. Kubuntu/KDE does have a 
reputation of looking more like Windows, which may suit new users. It 
also has a reputation for better educational software and accessibility 
support, but in that case you might as well go all the way with Edubuntu.

For your purposes, despite my personal preference and lack of experience 
with anything other than Ubuntu, I'd suggest Kubuntu or Edubuntu. 
Perhaps regular users of those distros can elaborate further.

Doesn't solve your weird router problem. But then, you can see your 
neighbour's network, so you don't really need your router, do you? ;-)

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