[ubuntu-za] FW: Books

Jonathan Sparks jonathan at sparks.web.com
Thu Feb 14 08:41:31 GMT 2008

André Truter wrote:
> Hi Jonathan
> With accessibility in mind what will you recommend Ubuntu or Kubuntu? We
> deal with blind and partially sighted people and one reason for me trying
> Linux is to help them with a more affordable solution. We've heard that Orca
> is good but runs on Gnome. 

I'm afraid I cannot comment from an accessibility perspective as I use 
Ubuntu/Gnome and have only ever used this. It was the first Linux Distro 
I installed (Ubuntu7.10) and I see no reason to change to another desktop.

I have been very happy and impressed with it so far, although it has 
been a big learning curve (and I have had an IT background) and I have 
had some technical difficulties like you. I hope you manage to sort 
your  router problem stick with it if you can (If you have a LUG near 
you maybe they can help).

Best of luck

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