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Reenen Laurie REENENL at pepstores.com
Thu Dec 18 10:47:14 GMT 2008

Does anyone know contacts in Game or Incredible Connection?

Have we tried it?

Because our country is very price sensitive, and if Game / Incredible
Connection can sell their PC's / Laptops for R500 cheaper... that will
give them a competitive advantage.  And they'll sell a significant more
than the next competitor. ESPECIALLY if they don't have to support it...
Ie. the Ubuntu Community gives them contact details etc. so they can
refer their clientelle to us.

It would be especially useful if someone has a closed corporation who
they can actually pay... These types of companies would prefer having
someone they can pay, and hold accountable.


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Hi Phillip,

On Thu, 18 Dec 2008 11:55:44 +0200, "philip at pinksoft.co.za"
<philip at pinksoft.co.za> wrote:
>  Don't get me wrong I am an Ubuntu supporter and I would like to see 
> it successful a) against Microsoft and b) against other Linux Distros.
> I just feel that what is missing is some guys in designer label suits 
> passing round drinks at the Box at Newlands. I work full time in an 
> Open Source project (TurboCASH) and the biggest problem I have is 
> keeping the wheels of commerce turning. I could think of nothing 
> better than making more Linux installations, but the real world 
> channel does not buy it. The Open Source method produces great 
> software, but it needs to be packaged in a hard edged selling 
> operation.

I (and I think a number of others) understands your point. We, as the
open source community, are not going to get open source software into
Joe Average's house by passing disks around. Joe Average likes to go to
Incredible Deception and get his computer with whatever it comes with,
and is quite used to the idea of buying software. That's all he knows.

As an example, the first time my wife heard about Linux and open source
software was when I first met her, and she asked me what I do, etc.
She'd never heard of it before, and so it is with most South Africans.
Now she's using Linux, and she can't believe she could ever use Windows.

However, because we are a community, not a commercial company, we lack
the money and distribution channels to get Linux and open source
software into Incredible Deception and other stores. I'm sure most folks
on this list would love to see an Ubuntu box sitting in a computer
store, but the simple matter of the fact is that we don't have the
resources to make it happen.

And so we sit with this dilemma. In the end, we do the best we can, and
inform folks about open source software at every opportunity, and pass
out disks whenever and wherever we can.

Raoul Snyman, B.Tech IT (Software Engineering) Saturn Laboratories
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