[ubuntu-za] Update library?

William Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Tue Dec 2 06:21:51 GMT 2008

Hi Alex,

If you stay in the Durban area, I have the repos for Main, Restricted,
Multiverse, Universe, plus the repos for medibuntu.org, OOo 3.o, GRASS (
GIS ), QGIS and one or two others


>>> alex.faure at gmail.com 12/01/08 1:21 PM >>>
I have 3 computers I am setting up with Ubuntu.

Is there a simple way to ensure that I only update files (and download
programs) once?

Obviously I am trying to create a server based update process - but I
see an easy way to do this.

Please excuse my ignorance - I am one month into exploring
and am slowly converting all my computers to Ubuntu - Good Bye MS!

I am also trying to understand Wine - since my son is terrified of
access to his favourite MS games.


Alex Faure`

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