[ubuntu-za] Update library?

Louis van der Merwe themandibleclaw at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 11:31:35 GMT 2008

2008/12/1 Alex Faure <alex.faure at gmail.com>

> I have 3 computers I am setting up with Ubuntu.
> Is there a simple way to ensure that I only update files (and download new
> programs) once?
> Obviously I am trying to create a server based update process - but I
> cannot see an easy way to do this.
> Please excuse my ignorance - I am one month into exploring Ubuntu/Kubuntu
> and am slowly converting all my computers to Ubuntu - Good Bye MS!
> I am also trying to understand Wine - since my son is terrified of loosing
> access to his favourite MS games.
> Thanks
> Alex Faure`

Hi Alex,

The best way to do this would be to create your own apt repository on one of
your machines / servers. So that server will update itself from the ubuntu
apt repository, and your other machines will update from that one.

I've never done this on ubuntu, but I have on fedora using yum. It wasn't
that complicated. If you google, you'll fine some useful blogs and howto's.

Wine is pretty good, but you're probably going to have to dual boot windows
to be able to play most games. unfortunately.


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