[ubuntu-za] Ubuntu Indaba 0.6

Bill Cairns pops at cairnsgames.co.za
Fri Sep 21 19:34:25 BST 2007

On Fri, 2007-09-21 at 16:20 +0200, Jonathan Carter wrote:
> Hi Bill
> Bill Cairns wrote:
> > I have been looking for a utility to "un-pdf" a pdf file. On Synaptic I
> > found that I have libpopper1 installed. glad to see that. But then how
> > do I run it?
> Just how much do you need to un-PDF it? There's a tool called pdftotext 
> that will convert the content to clear-text. There's also pdf2ps that 
> will convert it to PostScript, for what it's worth.

Thanks, I think this is just what I need (can't test right now). I have
three documents that I need to copy large chunks of text from - text
output is great.

> Pdftotext is available from the xpdf-utils package, pdf2ps is available 
> from the ghostscript package. Both are installed by default on Ubuntu.
> -Jonathan

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