[ubuntu-za] Modem works with Dapper but not with Edgy

Dave Matthews dave at qualica.com
Mon Mar 19 17:10:38 GMT 2007

Jonathan Hitchcock wrote:
> Dave Matthews wrote in a previous mail:
>> *some stuff*
> That's a great cycle you're perpetuating there.
So very true. It bothers me. And thats why I raised it.

Yes it is a cycle: You are very unlikely to get a basic computer job 
without windows skills. so you learn windows.

It's a reality and if I really want to help somebody I have to face it;

> "I use Windows because everybody else does" is not, and never has been a good argument.  We're supposed to be proselytizing Ubuntu in South
> Africa, for all the very good reasons that we know exist for using it.
... not quite  "I train somebody basic windows skills because it gets 
them a job"

me, I use Ubuntu at home and at work and I encourage technically minded 
friends to use it also.

I am asking the difficult questions:

"Should I train somebody with basic linux/ubuntu desktop skills? Will 
they get a job with those skills?"

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