[ubuntu-za] Site NAme (was ubuntu-za Digest, Vol 20, Issue 31)

William Kinghorn williamk at dut.ac.za
Fri Jun 1 12:46:08 BST 2007

Hi Will,

Yes, as I can get lots of places that do MS OS and related stuff, but finding OSS/linux is a little more dificult.

So far I have come up with "OSSplacesZA" for OSS places for South Africa"

Other countries can use the name, only changing the last 2 characters.


>>> will at ubuntu.com 06/01/07 1:25 PM >>>
Willem Jordaan wrote:
> Site name Guys I need some help we(me and William Kinghorn) are going to 
> be starting a website were you will be able to  get information on 
> ITtraining and everything that goes with that.  We need a  name for the 
> site so if anyone has a idea please let me know ...
Is it going to be OSS/linux specific or IT in general?


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