[ubuntu-za] T-Shirts - status

Morgan Collett morgan at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 1 09:54:05 BST 2007

Weiers Coetser has volunteered to handle distribution of this batch of
t-shirts. He is checking what the postage costs will be.

They can be sent anywhere in South Africa, but postage must first be
payed by the person eligible to receive one.

We need to confirm the distribution policy.

The best idea on the list seems to be posting a "switch" story of how
you installed Ubuntu for somebody else.

You need to add your story, with a link to your wiki profile so we know
who you are, to http://www.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki/SwitchStories.

If your story looks reasonable and genuine, Weiers will contact you and
arrange payment/postage.

How does this sound? Any further comments or shall we proceed?

Morgan Collett
morgan at ubuntu.com

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