[ubuntu-za] T-Shirts - status

Jean Gruneberg kaosboss at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:20:44 BST 2007


Unfortunately I live in a windows server haze....  Only my laptop runs 
Ubuntu (since 4.10) and one of the kids pc's is Edubuntu.

Hopefully there is someone else in Durban with a switch story to get 
hold of a couple of tees.

> Weiers Coetser has volunteered to handle distribution of this batch of
> t-shirts. He is checking what the postage costs will be.
> They can be sent anywhere in South Africa, but postage must first be
> payed by the person eligible to receive one.
> We need to confirm the distribution policy.
> The best idea on the list seems to be posting a "switch" story of how
> you installed Ubuntu for somebody else.
> You need to add your story, with a link to your wiki profile so we know
> who you are, to http://www.ubuntu-za.org/Wiki/SwitchStories.
> If your story looks reasonable and genuine, Weiers will contact you and
> arrange payment/postage.
> How does this sound? Any further comments or shall we proceed?
> Regards
> Morgan

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