[ubuntu-za] dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg help

Dimitri Mallis dimitri.mallis at gmail.com
Mon May 8 11:05:19 BST 2006

hi list

i have (unfortunately) a ATI RADEON X700 PCIe, i installed the drivers with

when i ran dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg i kept pressing enter because
everything looked fine.

here are the steps i took:

1) Select the desired X server driver
=> ati

2) Enter an identifier for your video card
=> ATI Technologies Inc. Radeon X700 (RV401)

3) Please enter the video card's bus identifier
=> PCI:5:0:0

l left it as this value but when i run lspci it gives me

0000:05:0.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown device

0000:05:0.1 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc: Unknown device 5e6d

is this normal. i thought the driver would have made the description better.
is my driver installed properly?

4) Enter the amount of memory (in KB) to be used by your video card
i just left it blank & pressed <enter>

5) Use kernel frame buffer device interface
=> NO

6) Auto detect keyboard layout
=> YES

7) Please select your keyboard layout
=> us

8) Please select the XKB rule set to use
=> xorg

9) Please configure your keyboard model
=> pc104

10) Please select your keyboard layout
i just left it blank & pressed <enter>

11) Please select your keyboard options
i just left it blank & pressed <enter>

12) Emulate 3 button mouse
=> YES

13) Enable scroll events from mouse wheel
=> YES

14) Select the X.Org server modules that should be loaded by default
i selected everything
[*] GLcore
[*] bitmap
[*] dbe
[*] ddc
[*] dri
[*] extmod
[*] freetype
[*] glx
[*] int10
[*] record
[*] type1
[*] v4l
[*] vbe

I'm sure that's OK

15) Write default files section to configuration file?
=> YES

16) Write default DRI section to configuration file?
=> YES

17) Attempt monitor auto detection
=> YES

18) Enter an Identifier for your monitor
=> i left it as Generic Monitor
i have a BenQ FP731 17" LCD monitor thou

19) Select the video models you would like the X server to use
[*] 1021x768
[*] 800x600
[*] 640x480

i just used those to be safe, non of the other modes looks standard

20a) Please chose a method for selecting your monitor characteristics
i wanted me do go for advanced which i did later

21) Please chose your approximate monitor size
=> 17 inches (430mm)

22) Write monitor sync ranges to configuration file
=> YES

23) Please select your desired default color depth in bits
=> 24

that didn't work when i wanted to start X
the monitor displayed "out of range" message , so i followed the exact same
steps but chose advanced for step 20

20b) => ADVANCED

24) Enter your monitor horizontal sync range
=> 28-51
i had no idea what to put here so i left it. is there a way to check what
the optimal values should be here?

25) Enter your monitor vertical refresh range
=> 43-85
it had a default setting of 43-60 but i know my monitor & card can handle
70,72,75 and maybe 80,85 @ lower refresh rates

then if did the rest as in steps 22 & 23

but this also didn't work

can anyone point me out were I'm going wrong?

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