[ubuntu-za] dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg help

Jason Norwood-Young jason at tectonic.co.za
Mon May 8 11:27:34 BST 2006

Dimitri Mallis wrote:
> hi list
> i have (unfortunately) a ATI RADEON X700 PCIe, i installed the drivers 
> with apt-get,
1. Hit crtl-alt-F1 to bring up a terminal session
2. Log in
3. cd /etc/X11
4. ls and see if you've got a backup of your old xorg.conf file
5. sudo cp xorg.conf.backup (or whatever it's called) xorg.conf
6. sudo pico xorg.conf
7. Look for the "Device" section and change "Driver" to "fglrx"
8. Save and exit (ctrl-x, y)
9. sudo killall gdm
10. sudo gdm

If you don't have a backup, try edit the xorg.conf file as above and 
under the Monitor section try these values:
HorizSync       28-51
VertRefresh     43-60


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