[ubuntu-x] New Ubuntu-X status tool

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Tue Mar 25 10:39:19 GMT 2008

Hi all,

I got inspired by Leann's Ubuntu Weather Report tool[0] and did
something similar for us, just for Xorg packages:


This is basically a high level summary of a variety of different metrics
pages, that evaluate Xorg status in a variety of ways.  I've included
links to the original metrics pages, but note that in most cases the
original reports aren't broken down by Xorg package, so it takes some
additional scanning to note the Xorg packages (90% of them start with
'x' so it's not too hard...)

The next/prev links allow browsing through past reports so you can see
how progress is being made.  Maybe one day when we have more data we can
do some graphs.

For Ubuntu it would be great to see us reduce from 11 orange+red and 7
yellow+green, to 7 orange+red and 11 yellow+green, and to reduce the 3
reds to 1.


0:  http://qa-2.ubuntuwire.com/weatherreport/

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