[ubuntu-x] Some feedback on jaunty + Intel G45

Martin Olsson mnemo at minimum.se
Sun Dec 7 15:26:34 GMT 2008


Up until recently I was unable to boot into EXA with intel g45 but the latest update (that
brought the 2.6.28 kernel and also intel 2.5.1) fixed that problem so I'm now testing the
intel driver on jaunty. This means that bug 304163 is now fixed:

FYI; here is two other issues I've found so far:

One of my CPU cores is constantly running at near 100% and it's the logging daemons
that use up all that CPU because the intel driver is spamming some obscure drm error
into dmesg. Since I got four cores this is not a huge problem for me personally but
on a single core system this would clearly make the entire machine unusable. This error
happened on G45 for intrepid and it still repros on jaunty (no repro steps required,
the CPU is ALWAYS being hogged). I've reported this issue here:
And upstream here:


Sometimes X goes into an infininite loop printing error realted to "EQ overflow"
in the xorg.log. I actually found a lot of similar bug reports upstream and one of
them hinted that this is an issue in the intel driver which is now going to surface
more often because of the GEM kernel. To make sure it's tracked I filed this report:
And corresponding upstream:

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