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On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 18:07, Tormod Volden <lists.tormod at gmail.com> wrote:


> Well, if the original boot gave a black screen (without xforcevesa)
> and the final boot worked (without xforcevesa) the black screen bug
> was fixed in the updates, right?

Hi Tromod,
 Could you elaborate what you mean by original boot and final boot.

> Your report tells the story of your installation problems, but the
> issues have to be treated as separate bugs. That you have to use
> safe-graphics mode at all is a bug in the video driver (the one I
> refer to above) which apparently is fixed in updates. Unfortunately
> the driver can not be updated on the 8.10 installation media.

Will check that in Jaunty final and let you know.

> "The screen wouldn't fit in the 640*480 screen" - do you mean the
> Ubiquity installer window didn't fit on the screen and was cut off on
> the sides? That would be a bug in Ubiquity, probably already reported,
> but please check.

Right, It was cut off from sides.

> An easy way to see that "safe-graphics mode" is enabled (xforcevesa in
> menu.lst) and to disable it - this is a wishlist bug. Maybe Bryce can
> comment on this, there is some on-going work on a tool for
> configuration of X (processing xorg.conf, but maybe this part of
> menu.lst should be considered also). As I said, I am not sure where
> "xforcevesa" is picked up currently.

That is precisely what I want to say. That should be filed against
ubiquity or xserver-xorg-intel or what package?

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