[UbuntuWomen] Outreach Issues?

Svetlana Belkin barsookmud at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 16 17:46:04 UTC 2013

On 11/16/2013 10:46 AM, Scarlett Clark wrote:
> Oh I understand now, canonical is not interested...

Yup, and that's the issue.  They pretty much ditched the community since
early this year (?) and there is no community team member that works
with them when needed.  A good example was what happened last week.

>It is hard to get women interested in a company if they are not interested in them. My
> thoughts...
> The supporting women through the application process is a good idea. In
> my case it was a matter of choosing the wrong project. Find projects on
> the current OPW and try to match them to Ubuntu related projects. Then
> direct women inquiring how to get involved to those projects, that way
> they will have plenty of time to get familiar and hopefully start
> learning and contributing early. That way when the next round comes up
> they will have a head start! This is what I was trying to do... but my
> choice did not participate this round. So you have to be careful with
> that too...

Not a bad idea there.  (I was going to say something else but Jasna's
e-mail came).

Svetlana Belkin

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