[UbuntuWomen] Outreach Issues?

Jasna Benčić bencic24 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 20:57:30 UTC 2013

*For Svetlana, *

>Question: How many people think that though?

I don't know how many but they exist.  I pointed to the people who are not
driven by self initiation to help and to work for free. They can be only
attracted if you offer them a paid job. As I said, that's their way of life
and I respect that.

>Could lack of education or just word on the street be the issues here?
>Education as in explaining how useful is to volunteer and what they can
>get out of it.

Lack of information, education and the most difficult but obvious ->
different horizons  and interest

>I agree here, since it's all Ubuntu here in our team, it should be
>focused *ONLY* on Ubuntu and its favours.

Agree, after all, this is Ubuntu world.

>Same thing here, I'm finding it very hard to contribute to the Ubuntu
>Doc team (the wiki part) because of the lack reason to keep the wiki
>update to date (because of having Ubuntu Forums, Ask Ubuntu, and the
>support channel on freenode.net).  Having that set aside, I heard from
>someone that if you have the skills and you are woman in the IT field,
>you guaranteed a job in the field.  Is that correct?

I don't know about those issues. Maybe you could contact the Doc team?

Skills bring a lot, if you are proactive you have a bonus ..... Hmmm,
nothing is guaranteed :) You can end up in totally different field. See, I
studied to be a teacher of informatics and ended up as a system
administration intern and frankly I like it despite I'm a n00b in that
area. Only you can be a master of your luck. So, if you persist and work on
yourself in this area (no mater what field) you'll get a career sooner or

*For Pamela, *

>I'm not a programmer but I can do a lot of other things, I am after all
>a woman in the IT field at an (*almost*) senior level, so here I am,
>count me in!

Awesome, programming is a little part of IT. In every team there has to be
people with different skills. :)

*For Svetlana, *

>Couldn't LP be a better platform for this? As in creating a team and
>project and using the brainstorm/blueprint part of the project.  Or
>would that require Liz's work?

>But if we can't do that way, I'm okay with your way.  It might be better.

Since this is in brainstorming phase it would be asier to work on doc but I
don't mind if you start Launchpad project and invite us all.
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