[UbuntuWomen] UW list and attachments.

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Thu Apr 8 06:29:21 UTC 2010

Op maandag 05-04-2010 om 09:42 uur [tijdzone +0530], schreef स्वक्ष : 
> In the above IRC discussion you will note that I have explained
> repeatedly that :  Attachments are frowned upon on mailing lists and
> never approved beyond a size limit so please upload it on the UW wiki
> (or any other server) and include a link in your emails to the list.
> This reasoning was then used to ask for admin privs on the list and I
> explained that if it was to approve attachments to the list then its
> moot --Sending large files to all list members is not a good idea and
> its annoying to people (for various reasons). I was told that that is
> not the case in some other lists.
> So here is my query to the list members : Do you want to receive
> attachments from the UW list? Please vote on this as its just a case
> of changing default MM behaviour. Its not a case of me controlling the
> list (which I was accused of repeatedly) because I refused to support
> approving attachments to the list and changing list admins on the
> basis of UW leader election cycles. This does not happen in any linux
> community, let alone on any ubuntu list that i know of. Correct me if
> i am wrong please.
> The accusation from "approve mails with attachments" to "didnt give
> elected UW leader list admin status" is a logical fallacy at best.
> Fwiw, the standard MM installation has Maximum length 40 kilobytes
> (KB) for each message and this is common to all Linux-projects, not UW
> alone. It has nothing whatsoever to do with UW leadership (as it was
> being made out). That is why I think its important to ask if the list
> members wish to receive attachments at all and based on the responses,
> MM will be changed (or not). My personal choice is -1, no attachments
> or large files to the list.

On the lists I manage, attachments are allowed if the total mail size
doesn't exceed a certain size (40 KiB is a good guess, but it differs
per list).

Larger attachments get into the moderation queue, and will be approved
if useful and not excessively large.  When moderation happens depends,
it might take several days sometimes, but Mailman warns the sender about
this, and the sender then has the option to cancel their mail and send a
mail with a link instead... (or the sender can just wait, but as they
are stretching list rules, no reason to complain... ;) ).

Of course, for most lists I manage there won't be a real problem with
the size for most people (or at least there wasn't in the past), while I
can imagine that people on dial-up or similar low-speed connections
(mobile?) might have problems with this.

Jan Claeys

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