[UbuntuWomen] Takes too long to fetch mail and open source advocacy opportunity

vid vid at svaksha.com
Fri Jun 5 17:34:33 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 19:05, A. Malaika Sharp<malaikasharp at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> It is currently taking an inordinate amount of time to receive email
> into my mail client.  This has been happening for about a week now.
> Takes about 6 minutes. The amount of time does not seem to be tied to
> the number of emails received.

Which mail client do you use , Evolution, Thunderbird, etc..?

> familiar with fetch mail process. Do plan on checking online helps so

fetch mail? Do you run your own mail server?

> On another note, I have been discussing open source operating systems,
> specifically ubuntu with a local high school. In fact have loaded ubuntu
> to a couple of laptops that were provided to students who were doing
> well in school. The students were pleased with the software and the
> teachers were impressed.
> I am scheduled to spend some time this summer with the technology staff
> and hopefully we will set up a couple of desktops for the staff to
> test/use next fall. Anyone else involved in similar projects?

I've tried that with local schools in Bangalore but we face a
different set of challenges** and the lack of support system from the
industry and government does not help. The teachers I spoke to were
eager to learn but management usually uses the "no money to buy new
machines and  support" excuse, neither of which need to be purchased.

** the challenges range from infrastructure (power cuts of upto 6-7
hours per day in summer) to lack of access (most times its >5 students
per computer and limited to a few hours per week)

> since I am always talking about Ubuntu. This could clearly be a
> wonderful opportunity to get some schools wise to the economic savings
> as well as educational opportunities.

I am curious about the kind of government support that is provided to
floss in your country (sorry i dont recall which city/country you are
discussing here). We are having to struggle on a policy level, as in,
if the tax-payers money is used in a government sponsored educational
project it should be  implemented in floss. This is easier said than
done ofcourse :)

A few months ago we (all the various FLOSSy volunteers) decided to
unite and channel our independent approach into one network that can
be used to tabulate efforts on a pan-india basis. We are currently
using a single list [
http://lists.fosscom.in/listinfo.cgi/network-fosscom.in ] to
communicate amongst ourselves and track all floss efforts.  Thusfar
Kerala has been the only state to make floss mandatory in all
government schools.

> It seems especially pleasing that the technology instructors are all
> male and have historically not been accepting when females have been
> hired in these positions. This may not be that eventful, just
> interesting.

which country is this?

> Ideas, comments, etc. will be welcomed. Thanks in advance. If either of
> these items are more appropriate for a different list, please let me
> know that as well. Thanks again.

perfectly ok to discuss here !!

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