[UbuntuWomen] Takes too long to fetch mail and open source advocacy opportunity

A. Malaika Sharp malaikasharp at comcast.net
Fri Jun 5 13:35:32 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,

It is currently taking an inordinate amount of time to receive email
into my mail client.  This has been happening for about a week now.
Takes about 6 minutes. The amount of time does not seem to be tied to
the number of emails received.

Any thoughts on where I could begin to look for a problem? I am not
familiar with fetch mail process. Do plan on checking online helps so
that I understand the process, etc. Are there any specific areas to

On another note, I have been discussing open source operating systems,
specifically ubuntu with a local high school. In fact have loaded ubuntu
to a couple of laptops that were provided to students who were doing
well in school. The students were pleased with the software and the
teachers were impressed.

I am scheduled to spend some time this summer with the technology staff
and hopefully we will set up a couple of desktops for the staff to
test/use next fall. Anyone else involved in similar projects?

I am currently assembling a brief outline of items to cover this summer.
I want to cover enough detail but not be too overwhelming and not too
preachy about open source or ubuntu. (Of course this will be difficult,
since I am always talking about Ubuntu. This could clearly be a
wonderful opportunity to get some schools wise to the economic savings
as well as educational opportunities.

It seems especially pleasing that the technology instructors are all
male and have historically not been accepting when females have been
hired in these positions. This may not be that eventful, just

Ideas, comments, etc. will be welcomed. Thanks in advance. If either of
these items are more appropriate for a different list, please let me
know that as well. Thanks again.

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