[UbuntuWomen] Gender and email [was: Free Ego :)

Ireene-Sointu ireenesointu at phonecoop.coop
Fri May 2 08:10:09 BST 2008

HI Jacinta,
Your post is so right on. Yes, Fred, I want to know your answer.
With best wishes,

Jacinta Richardson kirjoitti:
> Fred H Olson wrote:
>> Is there a legitimate reason for participants to know the gender of people
>> who post here?
> To me, Fred is a gender neutral name.  Angel (from the Buffiverse) helped cement
> that.  So I don't know for sure whether you're female or male.  But I'm going to
> assume you're male and ask you a question.
> I've been on mixed gender forums for years now.  And at least once a year, in
> one of these many forums *someone* will make a big deal about knowing - or
> wanting to find out - the gender of another participant.  Or they write a big
> dissertation - like you did - informing the whole group of how far they took
> their cyber-stalking in order to find out that person's gender.  The vast
> majority of the forum regulars shrug this off, presumably because they didn't
> really care that they couldn't immediately guess the gender of the person in
> question, and some others debate whether knowing the gender of other members
> matters.
> So my question.  Why is the *someone* who starts the conversation always a male?
>  Or, because that question is probably unanswerable, why did you find it so
> important to find out Kadambari's gender, why does knowing that matter to you?
> All the best,
> 	J

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