[UbuntuWomen] Women in FOSS/Ubuntu-Women BOF session at Grace Hopper 08?

Cathy cathy at zareason.com
Fri Mar 7 19:57:30 UTC 2008


I am interested in participating. Thanks for mentioning it.

Would any of you be willing to come to this
> conference and talk about how you got into FOSS and how the
> Ubuntu-Women group has helped you?

I would be most comfortable talking about FOSS volunteerism. For example, I
am doing a Sourceforge project with my teeenagers and their friends (a
google mashup map of Linux service providers, global).

My contribution to FOSS so far has been miniscule, but I do have a
passionate / compassionate approach to helping people think beyond their
fear of the unknown.

--Cathy Malmrose, CEO ZaReason, Inc. building Linux hardware
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