[UbuntuWomen] Women in FOSS/Ubuntu-Women BOF session at Grace Hopper 08?

Meg Kurdziolek meg.kurdziolek at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 18:32:14 UTC 2008

Would anyone be interested in organizing a Women in FOSS/Ubuntu Women
BOF session at the '08 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing?

I went to this conference last year, and it was amazing. I would
really enjoy going again and I think a Women in FOSS BOF would be
awesome. Check out this link for the call for participation details :

The application is due March 16th, and I would be happy to do most of
the work on that part. Would any of you be willing to come to this
conference and talk about how you got into FOSS and how the
Ubuntu-Women group has helped you? So far my only contribution to FOSS
has been triaging some bug reports and helping others get started with
linux at install-fests and things. I think the BOF session would work
best if we had all sorts of perspectives.

Please let me know if you are interested. At the very least, let me
know if you plan on going to the conference, that way we can at least
plan on meeting up there.

p.s.  The conference is being held in Keystone Resort, Colorado  -
October 1-4, 2008

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