[UbuntuWomen] UW article for Fullcircle mag

Caroline Ford caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 11 23:09:28 UTC 2008

You can talk about the magic tools api (you don't really need my
permission!)- it's not currently in Hardy but it needs packaging (the
Debian developer has gone awol)

I'm involved in tuxpaint but I didn't write the api. I do multimedia.


On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 13:47 -0800, Cathy wrote:
> I understand why the Ubuntu Women shouldn't be purely technical --
> we're aiming towards the least amount of segregation possible while we
> work to create an even, hospitable (not hostile!) work field. I just
> didn't think of it in advance. Thanks. 
> So, I would prefer to have quotes from some of you since it shows a
> sense of community and team-building. If any of you have a minute, can
> you give an answer or two to any of the questions that sound
> interesting to you? 
> (and Caroline can I have your permission to quote that you mentioned
> the API for plugin dev for TuxPaint?) 
> Why you went into this field -- 
> Why you use Ubuntu --
> Friends you have seen leave (anonymous or generalized) and why -- 
> Have you seen a younger girl use Ubuntu? If so, her reaction / your
> reaction --
> Any specific suggestions about how to help girls feel like computing
> is natural and normal for them -- 
> Thanks,
> --Cathy

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