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Mariwal Jordão mariwal at mariwal.net
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First of all: sorry my poor english.

Elizabeth Bevilacqua
"So my first suggestion is not assume that all girls like "pink and
flowers" - remove the "All things that girls want." sentence from the
launchpad description. My second suggestion is to fix the spelling and
grammatical errors, which I understand might require a fluent English

- I will do all changes that you suggest, I already contact a great english
speaker to made the changes. :)

Sarah Hobbs
"If you wish to market to young girls,
you need to properly understand your audience."

- Hi Sarah, In my contry I'm a "Personal Traineir in Computer Sceince".
Basiclly, my students, are females.
See one of my sites: http://www.forgirls.3njoy.com
Well, befere I start this project, I start a discussion in brasilian forum
BR, see this topic: http://ubuntuforum-br.org/index.php?topic=25615.0
- All my female students said to me that Windows is uglly, so I show the
Ubuntu, all customized for girls, and she like very much.

Miriam Ruiz
"While I agree with Lyz, if this is a serious project I'd be willing
for help"

- Yes this is a serios project. And thanks for your help. :)

Sarah Hobbs
"Oh, and Liz, it's girls.  Not women, but girls."

- Yes, girls, teens and young ladies


For all:
I'm sorry if my project upset/ofend you.
I'm a Ubuntu fan, and my intention is just introduce "girls" in a wonderful
world that Ubuntu have.
It's more than a "pink" Ubuntu, is a new concept, recentlly I ready that in
my country the girls are half of computers user. Ubuntu alread have all
softwares, just click one button and was done. My students love this

Mariwal Jordao
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