[UbuntuWomen] Ubuntu4girls projetc

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 20:31:38 BST 2007

> According to your launchpad page[0] for this project:
>    "This is a custom Ubuntu package for gilrs, All things that girls want:
>     conpiz-fusion, beautifull wallpapers, xscreesaver, etc.
>    Please, Add: beautifull wallpapers, themes, pink and rose things, Usplash
>    whit flowers, Sound Packages, etc. All things that girls want. To get
>    involved, just help me to make these things above and make a Live "pink"
>    Ubuntu CD. Thank You. Mariwal"

Hmmm... I hate pink too.
The notion that 'a colour' typically identifies 'me' is off-putting
than the colour itself, besides the fact that it is used to segregate
me into a marketing category.

> > I'm a ubuntu user and introduce the ubuntu to my mother

Great, so did I.

> > Well, I startded after this, a projetc in Ubuntu Forum Brazil a project
> > callet " Ubuntu4Girls"
> > I dont kwew about your project, and start my onw

Firstly, UW is not about forking Ubuntu on the basis of gender. If
there is something about Ubuntu that you would like to customize for
young girls/children, then please go ahead by all means.  I appreciate
and can understand if some prefer to have pink themes or wallpapers,
s'savers, etc... (but I still like "brown" :-)) for which  Ubuntu has
an Art team. You can join them on Launchpad.

To lead people, walk behind them ~LaoTzu

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