[UbuntuWomen] U-W IRC Meeting Notes 25 March 2007

B.A. Lopez dinda at mac.com
Wed Mar 28 14:33:35 UTC 2007

Meeting Notes from 25 March 07

Since I totally forgot about this meeting, and was out of town  
(that's my excuse I'm sticking to it) I offered to write up the notes.

It looks like Pleia2, Bapoumba and Susana were there.  (Btw - Thanks  
so much for keeping this going!)

Website - Pleia reported that updates are continuing with help from  
Vidya and others.  Old wiki is half moved and sections on Ideas,  
Mentoring and Volunteers are all redirected to the proper places.   
Susana contacted Clytie to get permission to move and alter the "How  
to translate" pages.  Still more work in progress.

Gnome Bug Triaging Class feedback - Led by Susana (who did a great  
job imho!) was held on 20 March.  Myself, Bapoumba and Meg were  
there.  A few were able to sit in on the Gnome Bug day (alas I could  
not) and it would be great to have an Ubuntu Bug Squash class - any  
volunteers to lead that one?  Pleia also reported that she reported  
her first Debian bug but was still nervous.  I have to say that just  
having someone to answer questions during Susana's session was a real  
help.  No one felt intimidated and it really helped me understand the  
process and not be afraid to ask even more questions.  imho, again!

Solar System on Planet.ubuntu.com - Pleia is still looking into  
this.  Nick Moffit is the Launchpad admin.  Anyone know him - how to  
get the U-W planet linked from there?

Mentoring - Website is being restructured, including a page to  
request a mentor.  See these pages:  http://www.ubuntu-women.org/ 

Upcoming conferences - Dinda, the slacker, wasn't there so that was  
deferred to the next meeting which those wonderful folks who were  
there set for either the 14 or 15 April, depending on your local time  
zone.  Pleia wanted to check with Romana so we can include those AU  

The full meeting log can be found here:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ 



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