[UbuntuWomen] noted floss speaker to stop blogging due to death threats

Romana Branden timelady at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 08:49:13 UTC 2007

with thanks to Robyn, via auchix....

Kathy Sierra was a keynote speaker at lca 2007 and has had to cancel
her speeches at Etech.

The contents of this link may disturb some viewers, please be warned.


This came through Linuxchix

Kathy Sierra, author of the Creating Passion Users blog, posted today
that she's going to stop blogging, maybe for a while, maybe forever.
The reason is because some people have crossed the line from offering
immature criticism to making death threats and suggesting sexual

This is appalling behaviour, and cannot be condoned. Please, show
support on her blog, or publicise on your own blog, or simply be aware
of the dangers out there, and thin of ways to counter them...
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