[UbuntuWomen] U-W IRC Meeting Notes 25 March 2007

bapoumba bapoumba at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 14:49:56 UTC 2007

Hello Dinda,
I cannot find the meeting logs here:
Is this the correct link ?
And I'm not sure I remember when next meeting is scheduled (I was
waiting for the full log ;)).


On 3/28/07, B.A. Lopez <dinda at mac.com> wrote:
> Meeting Notes from 25 March 07
> Since I totally forgot about this meeting, and was out of town
> (that's my excuse I'm sticking to it) I offered to write up the notes.
> It looks like Pleia2, Bapoumba and Susana were there.  (Btw - Thanks
> so much for keeping this going!)
> Website - Pleia reported that updates are continuing with help from
> Vidya and others.  Old wiki is half moved and sections on Ideas,
> Mentoring and Volunteers are all redirected to the proper places.
> Susana contacted Clytie to get permission to move and alter the "How
> to translate" pages.  Still more work in progress.
> Gnome Bug Triaging Class feedback - Led by Susana (who did a great
> job imho!) was held on 20 March.  Myself, Bapoumba and Meg were
> there.  A few were able to sit in on the Gnome Bug day (alas I could
> not) and it would be great to have an Ubuntu Bug Squash class - any
> volunteers to lead that one?  Pleia also reported that she reported
> her first Debian bug but was still nervous.  I have to say that just
> having someone to answer questions during Susana's session was a real
> help.  No one felt intimidated and it really helped me understand the
> process and not be afraid to ask even more questions.  imho, again!
> Solar System on Planet.ubuntu.com - Pleia is still looking into
> this.  Nick Moffit is the Launchpad admin.  Anyone know him - how to
> get the U-W planet linked from there?
> Mentoring - Website is being restructured, including a page to
> request a mentor.  See these pages:  http://www.ubuntu-women.org/
> mentoring.htmlhttp://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/MentoringFAQ
> Upcoming conferences - Dinda, the slacker, wasn't there so that was
> deferred to the next meeting which those wonderful folks who were
> there set for either the 14 or 15 April, depending on your local time
> zone.  Pleia wanted to check with Romana so we can include those AU
> folks.
> The full meeting log can be found here:  http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/
> Meetings/20070327
> cheers,
> Dinda
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