[UbuntuWomen] Some will never learn...

June Bug junegeek at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 07:18:24 UTC 2007

Hi Myriam... dont let this affect you so much! Just ignore the nasty person. We all have faced such kind of a thing in our lives some or the other point of life. I talk from experience! I've had virtual starlkers... they make your life hell. Easiest way is to ignore them. Report you must to the list admin but dont take the pains of actually worrying yourself to death about it. Some never learn, indeed.. they never will.

Just take it easy, block the person on your list. Being a woman makes you vulnerable to such kind of activities but wth! why should we bear the brunt... hit the ignore button and make life easier for you as well as for him. :)


Myriam Schweingruber <schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch> wrote: Hi all,

Today I posted a response on the german Ubuntu mailinglist. What a surprise to 
find tonight a private mail in my inbox, asking me my age, to send pictures, 
if I had a boyfirend/husband, the usual crap!

I'm soooo totally sick about that and right now my mood is devastating. As I 
know the mailinglist I'll report this chap to the list-admin.

BTW this coward doesn't use his name, calls himself "urandomdev" and uses a 
gmail account, wich makes him pretty untraceable...

Grrr, I'm so angry I could kill !

Sad greetings, Myriam

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