[UbuntuWomen] Some will never learn...

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch
Tue Mar 27 11:17:57 UTC 2007

Le Mardi, 27. Mars 2007, June Bug a écrit :
> Hi Myriam... dont let this affect you so much! Just ignore the nasty
> person. We all have faced such kind of a thing in our lives some or the
> other point of life. I talk from experience! I've had virtual starlkers...
> they make your life hell. Easiest way is to ignore them. Report you must to
> the list admin but dont take the pains of actually worrying yourself to
> death about it. Some never learn, indeed.. they never will.

Oh but I know this, I'm in IT since 20+ years and should be used to it. It 
just disturbed me so much because this mail came because of me posting on a 
Ubuntu mailinglist. 

Please folks, I dont need advice how to handle this sort of people, I probably 
recived more of this sort of mail in the past than most of you, be assured. 
I'm just plain angry, main reason for my post, so dont advice, just support.

I will certainly not keep my mouth shut and take action, contrary to some of 
you I don't think this should simply be ignored, because it will continue and 
this has to stop one day. I want to be able to do my work without such crap, 
so ignoring it is not the solution.

Greets, Myriam

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