[UbuntuWomen] Just a little hello :)

bapoumba bapoumba at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 16:12:52 UTC 2007

Firas Kraiem wrote:
> Hi everyone
> That's pretty much all there is to say about me but while I'm here, I'd
> like to make a little comment about a thread[2] posted a few months ago
> about "Ubuntu, women and artwork". If you find those pictures tasteless,
> disrespectful and unnecessary, as I do, then the first thing to do would
> be not to use the word "artwork" when referring to them. As someone who
> tries to make tasteful and respectful depictions of women - Isabelle has
> seen some of my stuff, she'll tell you whether I succeeded or not -, I
> admit I find it a bit disturbing when people use the same word for that
> kind of pictures and for e.g. a painting by Botticelli.
> Just my two cents but think about it, words have a great power and
> things like that matter more than they seem ;)

Hey Firas!

Nice to see you around :)

Yes, you are right regarding the wording. But may be there is a more
general meaning in English to "artwork", than just "a piece of art"? I
do not know. It looks used also for generic logos and such (check link
below for an example).

I like your pictures, I've already told you so. Ad I know you would
never put an Ubuntu logo on to advertise them around using the "Ubuntu
momentum". That I appreciate too :)





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