[UbuntuWomen] Old Wiki and Current Website

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Mon Jul 3 14:07:12 UTC 2006

On 7/2/06, Elizabeth Krumbach <lyz at princessleia.com> wrote:
> When you say "submit them here" do you mean email you the completed .html page to you directly?

Just ping Linnea or me offlist, mail or IRC. So long as the
information is current and pertinent its should be fine.

> Sorry, I thought you recongnised my name. I'm the primary admin for the

I remember you :)

> > http://www.ubuntu-women.org/faq.html
> > If your name is missing please holler and we will add you. Sorry :)
> So you do want to keep this static.

It is already static. Besides the main UW page, the # Get Involved,  #
Mentoring and # FAQ pages are static as any  *-women group attracts
attention for the wrong reasons.  The rest of the pages people
themselves when they are involved in it.

To answer other points raised in a single mail :

1. Translated  wiki-pages (old) are  Việt ngữ, Português, Català and
中文  but these cannot be ported in the existing form as they are
translations of the old wiki page where all content was crammed in a
single page.

Note that the new site has been systematically divided for easy and
pertinent access to information. The difference is self-evident upon
comparision of  the contents from the old wiki and the current
ubuntu-women.org pages. A site map for a handful of pages does not
make sense.

2.  Does any one want to add content to the English pages as its more
that two months[1] since the site was announced.  I had asked them to
stop translating the wiki earlier. This has to be done *before* they
start any translation work. It makes no sense to ask translators to
keep redoing the same task unnecessarily as some are busy translating
for Gnome / Debian packages. Also keep in mind that future changes to
the static pages should not be very drastic (in terms of content) to
avoid wasting the effort the translators put in now.

[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2006-April/000222.html

3.  Regarding copying the old wiki pages,  : this will not work for
reasons mentioned above. For teh English page I left a note explaining
that the content has moved along with a link to the new location.  As
I dont know  Việt ngữ, Português, Català and 中文 .... only the
translators may be in a better position to decide if they want to
delete everything or just keep a link to the new wiki.

Please also  remember that the translators are *only* translating the
ubuntu-women.org website and not pages from the rest of the Ubuntu
UW's goal is to avoid replicating existing work. Someone had asked so
I thought I should mention this.

4. German and/or French translations are welcome but proofreadings in
Rosetta will not be available for the UW site as currently only
products and projects are handled there. Or am I saying someting
utterly ridiculous...  (LP developers ??) Btw, the UW website is a
product on LP

> Which was empty but I added some of the Ideas content to (most of the ideas
> content wasn't really valid anymore because it discussed the future creation of
> the ubuntu-women.org website).

Sorry that is also redundant information and I left a comment[2] there
instead of deleting it. Maybe we need more fresh ideas

[2] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Ideas

> Which does not exist. I thought perhaps we wanted to either remove this tab or
> link it to the Ubuntu Women forums over on ubuntuforums.org.

As earlier, Forums are already linked (twice) and the mailing list and
other links are woven into the data in the respective pages. Stand
alone links make it tougher for newcomers to understand what to
expect.  The contents of each page was written only after consulting
the DW and GW pages, besides other Floss sites beforehand.

> I see the link to the general forums, but there is no link specifically to the
> UbuntuWomen Forums.

The main Forums page is more important and interested people can
easily find UW there. Note that they have listed it on the front page
(as in not embedded link).
For instance, people looking to contribute to Kubuntu.org can navigate
the site for themselves. There are many links that are important
and/or informative but it does not make sense to cram them all in a
single UW page.  There is a Links page on the wiki which is nicer and
anyone can contribute to it.

Thoughts ..?


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