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Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 16:31:08 UTC 2019

On Wed, 10 Apr 2019 at 16:20, Peter Flynn <peter at silmaril.ie> wrote:
> This is good if you need to read older files. 2003 was the first version
> to use XML, and it used WordML rather than OOXML and saved a .xml file
> instead of .docx

No, that was 2007. The XML file formats go along with the Ribbon interface.

2003 is the last "old" version of Office in the WinWord 6 to Office
2003 series...

WinWord 1 (doesn't really count: weird clunky UI)
WinWord 2 (better, streamlined UI)
Office 4, with:
 - Excel 5 (the oldest Microsoft app for Windows and so the most mature)
 - Word 6 (version number bumped to bring it into line with DOS and
Mac Word; menus and toolbars harmonised with Excel)
Office 95, almost identical but 32-bit versions with a Win95 look and
feel, containing:
 - Excel 7
 - Word 7 (because they wanted all the apps to have the same version
number. Seriously!)
Office 97
 - apps v8, new square toolbar buttons, another change in look-and-feel
Office 2000
Office XP
Office 2003

That was the end of the line for the classic menus/toolbars. Then
comes Office 2007, the Ribbon and new file formats.

Which is why I stay with nothing newer than 2003 -- it has the same UI
that I've used since 1993.

> <rant>
> I suppose just a general public warning to upgrade all your Word files
> to OOXML by saving as .docx because it is at least readable by other
> tools and systems, whereas the antique .doc file format will become
> increasingly unreadable as time goes on.
> </rant>

I guess. Even 15y later, everything still seems to support .DOC -- the
MS suite, MS Works, LibreOffice/OpenOffice/IBM Symphony, Apple Pages,

In case of problems with .DOCX in Word 2003, I use LibreOffice to convert it.

> > It too works flawlessly under CrossOver Office, including updates and
> > service releases, and add-ons like the Office 2007 file convertors.
> > But I couldn't get it to install on free WINE
> It won't, alas. You do need Crossover.

I was afraid of that. I have one more trick to try but I'm not confident.

> This is why I use Hiri for all my Exchange/O365 accounts. It "just
> works"; it picks up your account config (signature, out-of-office
> message, etc) from the server. Free it ain't, but for your $39/year or
> $119/life it's cheap and reliable and runs on Linux, Macs, and Windows.

Fair enough. Happily my life is currently MS Exchange-free, and I hope
I can keep it that way as long as possible! :-)

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