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Liam Proven lproven at
Mon Nov 19 15:04:22 UTC 2018

On Sat, 17 Nov 2018 at 02:43, Chris <chris.pollock1948 at> wrote:
> > Have you got a spare?
> Installed new VGA cable today, no change.

That's a pity but was worth a try.
> Dell Optiplex 780

OK. I Found specs via Google here:

> Acer P221W

OK. Again, specs:

So they both should have DVI ports.

Using a DVI-DVI cable will give you a better, sharper picture and I
suspect it may well resolve this re-detection problem.

I don't know where in the world you are, but a DVI-DVI cable should
cost about GBP 3 or USD 4, which is a pretty modest investment. There
is also a good chance one came in the monitor's box, or that you can
find one in a junk bin if you have a local computer store.

> 31.11972; -97.90167 (Elev. 1092 ft)

Aha! I didn't see this before.

North of Austin, TX?

Getting a cable should be pretty easy, then.

BTW, the latest BIOS seems to be A15 from September 2013, so that is
unlikely to help anything much...

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