gparted questions

Colin Law clanlaw at
Mon Jun 25 07:40:23 UTC 2018

On 25 June 2018 at 08:31, Bob <ubuntu-qygzanxc at> wrote:
> I had installed Ubuntu on a laptop that had a 500gb disk drive.  Finding the
> hard drive too small for what I wanted to do I bought a 2tb drive and had it
> installed in the laptop.  Used dd to copy the 500gb (atached via a USB adapter)
> disk to the new 2tb disk.  The 2tb disk boots and runs most programs correctly.
> when i run gparted I get the following:
> robert at MARS:~$ sudo gparted
> [sudo] password for robert:
> Created symlink /run/systemd/system/-.mount ?åÆ /dev/null.
> Created symlink /run/systemd/system/boot-efi.mount ?åÆ /dev/null.
> Created symlink /run/systemd/system/home.mount ?åÆ /dev/null.
> Created symlink /run/systemd/system/media-robert-Ubuntu\x2017.10\x20amd64.mount
> åÆ /dev/null.
> Created symlink /run/systemd/system/run-user-121.mount ?åÆ /dev/null.
> Created symlink /run/systemd/system/tmp.mount ?åÆ /dev/null.
> No protocol specified
> (gpartedbin:3740): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0

Don't run graphical apps from a terminal with sudo(it might work with
gksudo but that is also not recommended), run it from the GUI by, for
example, hitting the WIN key and typing gparted.

Having run a graphical app using sudo you may have messed up file
ownership in some files in your home directory. If you have problems
with apps complaining then google for how to change all ownership back
to yourself in your home directory.


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