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Ok, I took myself out of receiving this list through Digest mode. So should be able to reply to individual messages. With that said. I have a question for my own verification.
I have reinstalled my Ubuntu Server software. Going to go through, with my fingers crossed, what Karl Auer told me to do to fix my user login problem. I have all files from my Web Server on a USB External Hard Drive. To get the Wordpress site to work again. What directories and files do I need to copy over to the new server via copy and paste? 2. How do I install GUI on my server on the rare occasion  I want to work directly off the server? Most of the time I am working on Wordpress and less on the server as it is difficult to keep all the commands in my head. I have had to learn so many over the years from cobal, Fortran, Cpm, Dos and you name it. They kind of get mixed up. 

Anyway I appreciate these lists and the experts they contain.


Mikeal Hughes, D.Min, Th.D., Ph.D.
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