switch off auto-selection of text (or what ever it is called ..)

robert robert at redcor.ch
Mon Dec 25 10:28:04 UTC 2017

On 25.12.2017 11:20, Chris Green wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 10:49:45AM +0100, robert wrote:
>> i have a super annoying problem of which I do not even know how to name it
>> ..
>> Some times my ubuntu 7.10 (but it was the same with former versions) on a
>> dell xp15 starts to "autoselect" text.
>> So when I click some where and move the cursor the text gets selected.
> Er, that's the standard way text selection works in Unix/Linux.  Click
> and move the cursor to select text, then paste with the middle button
> (button 3).
no it is not..
You have (to my understanding) to press the shift key together with the 
mouse move.

My box behaves as if I would have pressed the shift key, which I do not ..

>> Very annoying.
>> No idea what triggers this.
> It's normal, it's the way it 'should' work (if I'm understanding your
> description correctly).
> What do you want to happen when you click and move?  If you want
> 'click and drag' then that works too if you click on an 'object'.
> It's down to what you click on.

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