switch off auto-selection of text (or what ever it is called ..)

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Mon Dec 25 10:20:20 UTC 2017

On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 10:49:45AM +0100, robert wrote:
> i have a super annoying problem of which I do not even know how to name it
> ..
> Some times my ubuntu 7.10 (but it was the same with former versions) on a
> dell xp15 starts to "autoselect" text.
> So when I click some where and move the cursor the text gets selected.
Er, that's the standard way text selection works in Unix/Linux.  Click
and move the cursor to select text, then paste with the middle button
(button 3).

> Very annoying.
> No idea what triggers this.
It's normal, it's the way it 'should' work (if I'm understanding your
description correctly).

What do you want to happen when you click and move?  If you want
'click and drag' then that works too if you click on an 'object'.
It's down to what you click on.

Chris Green

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