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Sat Dec 16 14:35:32 UTC 2017

Liam Proven schreef op 16-12-2017 13:54:
> On 15 December 2017 at 23:20, Xen <list at> wrote:
>> I am speaking for myself, and for many other gamers. You can quit it, 
>> you
>> know.
> No you aren't. You are issuing blanket statements as if they were true
> for anyone.

1) I said "I think"

"But, they merged CPU and GPU which I think is a very bad idea because 
it is
only useful for video acceleration and not for gaming, because any APU 
not good enough"

2) You are not a gamer so you don't speak for them
3) For gaming an APU is not good enough, even the highest models, even 
for mid range games.
4) The subsentence that says "and not for gaming, because any APU is not 
good enough" denoted gaming.

5) This is factually accurate.

6) You cannot play Overwatch on an APU, even the highest model, and 
Overwatch is a mid-range game, not excessively high-end.

7) APUs apparently are not even fast enough processing wise when coupled 
with a GPU.

8) This is all factually accurate.

> All the rest of the usual rant cut, because it's irrelevant &
> offtopic.

Being off-topic does not make my statements factually inaccurate about 

An Ubuntu user asked for advice on what graphics card to use, with the 
addendum that he might want to also use it for gaming.

Steam allows you to play games like Borderlands 2 and Leage of Legends 
on Ubuntu.

> I don't care about games

That's just your opinion. You don't decide what someone can talk about 
or what's true for gamers, or what's true for gamers on Ubuntu.

> don't care about graphics or 3D.

There are also people doing graphical intensive work on workstations. 
What you care about does not determine what should be allowed to be 
spoken about.

If you don't want to read a topic on graphics cards, don't read it.

I delete topics all the time.

> So long as my GPU can drive 2-3 big
> monitors at full res, it's good enough.

Well good for you. Other people may have different opinions.

> Ubuntu is not a gaming OS.

I think there are plenty of people interested in gaming on Ubuntu.

> It supports some but if you want a toy to play games, go buy a console.

You don't decide what people do.

> I've been working with PCs since 1988. The total number of times I
> have upgraded a paying customer's PC with a new processor or a new
> graphics card, I can count on my thumbs.

What your experience is does not determine the state of the world.

There are computer shops that sell loads of graphics cards.

> Twice in 29 years.

So you didn't service regular people.

> It's where all Linux companies make money.


> They do versions with a GUI to
> tempt people into using it

That's belittling the effort and dedication Ubuntu and Canonical have 
put into e.g. Unity, and it also belies the vision they have had.

> If you want to talk about toys for teenagers, rant about 3D cards and
> overclocking and liquid cooling and all that other pointless
> time-wasting, there are other fora.

I did not rant about overclocking and liquid cooling, and what you call 
timewasting may not be for someone else.

> I suggest you find them.

You suggest nothing. You have no power.

> This one is for helping Ubuntu *users*. People using it. Not playing,
> using: doing work.

That's your interpretation of that word. Arguably pretentious.

I am sorry if this is overly aggressive.

But LIAM has been overly aggressive to me.

And continues to be so.

I don't even mind LIAM as a person; I like the fact that there is 
someone who favours and enjoys and supports usability, and these people 
are rare.

LIAM, I like you, okay.

But you become hostile the moment someone makes claims on some topic you 
think you are expert on, or were expert on in the past.

You start screaming and stop listening.

This is not even off-topic, video cards.

Video drivers in Linux are a huge issue.

CPUs and APUs and onboard and motherboards is also not offtopic.

Maybe upgradability can be, but this thing drives at the core of 

I don't think we're being offtopic at all, for the most part.

It just happens to be the stick you try to hit me with today.

You don't care about offtopic, you care about not being spoken back to 
as a superior.

You just become furious the moment someone makes claims you disagree 
with man, I mean on some topic that was an important part of your past, 
maybe a glory day of your person,

But often your disagreement is based on conditions of the past, and we 
are often speaking of different times.

I have nothing against you, but you become infuriated every time some 
for you, authoritative issue comes up, that you think you should have 
the final word on.

You just have an issue with someone daring to speak back ;-).

I am not trying to create strife here.

But you stand on your hind legs every time your knowledge is 

And personally I think that it should be allowed to talk about graphics 
cards, but that's just me.

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