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Sat Dec 16 12:54:32 UTC 2017

On 15 December 2017 at 23:20, Xen <list at> wrote:
> I am speaking for myself, and for many other gamers. You can quit it, you
> know.

No you aren't. You are issuing blanket statements as if they were true
for anyone.

All the rest of the usual rant cut, because it's irrelevant &
offtopic. This is the Ubuntu support list. I don't care about games, I
don't care about graphics or 3D. So long as my GPU can drive 2-3 big
monitors at full res, it's good enough.

Ubuntu is not a gaming OS. It supports some but if you want a toy to
play games, go buy a console.

I've been working with PCs since 1988. The total number of times I
have upgraded a paying customer's PC with a new processor or a new
graphics card, I can count on my thumbs.

Not fingers.

Twice in 29 years.

This is not about business computing. Ubuntu is a desktop but it's
also a server OS, and that is where the company makes its money. It's
where all Linux companies make money. They do versions with a GUI to
tempt people into using it, so that when those people have a job and
need to deploy a webserver farm, they will use the distro they know.

That's what pays the bills.

If you want to talk about toys for teenagers, rant about 3D cards and
overclocking and liquid cooling and all that other pointless
time-wasting, there are other fora. I suggest you find them.

This one is for helping Ubuntu *users*. People using it. Not playing,
using: doing work.

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