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Two thoughts:

2017/12/01 16:49 "Xen" <list at>:
> [...]
> And If I needed a Keylogger I wouldn't need to ask here, I could just
search. (And I already have one).
> But it just produces a long list of nonsense that you have to sed first.
> Well that's done now but it's still annoying.
> Strangely it crashed yesterday evening when I was done writing...

It occurs to me to wonder whether your keylogger might not be the cause of
the crash.

If you want a robust keylogger, you'll probably want one from an
application automation toolkit.

And it will need to be designed to play nicely with input methods, even if
you don't use an IME, because modern applications need to be written that

> Hmmm... maybe I can just tie it to LibreOffice startup and shutdown, that
should be easy :D.

Wrap an instance of the keylogger around the LO launch command?
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