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Fri Dec 1 11:33:49 UTC 2017

Joel Rees schreef op 01-12-2017 11:32:

> It occurs to me to wonder whether your keylogger might not be the cause 
> of the crash.

It wasn't running when it crashed, or I would not have been asking here 

I guess.

I now autostart it.

And then occasionally shred the file.

Also the crash was something to do with an array in LibreOffice, I am 
sure its functionality is completely transparent, it just hooks into 
some X library.

>> Hmmm... maybe I can just tie it to LibreOffice startup and shutdown, 
>> that should be easy :D.
> Wrap an instance of the keylogger around the LO launch command?

Yeah, or just a bash script that will start it before LibreOffice, then 
"wait" till LibreOffice terminates (if in the background) and then kill 
it again.

I generally don't have these issues so much when doing less important 
stuff or smaller documents.

Like emails, so I only really need it for LO.

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